Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Robbie Burns Night!

 As it is Robbie Burns' birthday, I dressed in my Scottish outfit for work today. Slightly, but not too crazy for an American office. My kilt and blouse are presents brought back from Scotland, there is a matching vest, but my boyfriend said I looked like a Golden Girl in it. I believe it is a Moffat tartan. I wish it was MacTavish! I made the ghilies from a leather skirt thrifted for $1.29, they were for my Mary Queen of Scots costume last year. My mum gave me the vintage sterling kilt pin for my birthday and my Victorian thistle pin is from Ebay. I have about 25 kilts I've collected over the years, they are all so lovely, but I look like a barrel in them.
 Since I don't eat beef, Burns Night has always been a bit of a problem for me. No one wants to drag along (or pay for) someone who won't eat the main course! So.. this year it's I made what I wanted at home! Dinner was Highland whisky cream chicken, not-quite-clapshot,  mashed tatties and gravy and chocolate chip shortbread. I had intentions of making a much more elaborate meal, but I wrenched my shoulder  so it was this or nothing!


  1. You look fantastic! Everything about this outfit rules.

  2. The Moffat tartan is such a beautiful colour combination - the whole outfit is fantastic! And I'm blown away by the fact that not only did you make your ghilies, but from a thrifted skirt, no less! :D

  3. You look awesome in kilt! Totally in love with your outfit :-)

    I know what you mean with the beef issue. I am not very fond of seafood, which is a problem if you have been born in the north of Spain, as long as the main course in every celebration is seafood. Thanks god, my better half has a strong allergy to it, (even the smell is bad for him) so I have kind of an excuse to avoid it. Lucky me!

  4. Lovely outfit! I really loved your shoes!

  5. I love the shoes, I had the shorter version (just the foot part not the ankle part) when I did Scottish dancing as a kid. Unfortunately the Irish Dancing craze meant an Irish class replaced it. I wish I still remembered the Highland Fling, I remember bits and pieces.

    By the way I nominated you for a Gargie award.

  6. This is a fabulous outfit! Thank you for your query about buying my Pringle of Scotland belt, but it's not for sale - I just got it and I am looking forward to wearing it for a long time.