Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Outfit Post - New Dress & Skull Tights

 My mum bought me this dress and today is my first time wearing it. She thought the peasant top looked German - which would appeal to me! I felt a bit odd as I am not used to wearing a slim skirt, plus I gained 10 pounds this holiday season. It's like there is an airline pillow strapped to my midsection. A pillow made up of heavy cream, chocolate and Bailey's! I've been going for walks and eating more sensibly, so it should just be another month or two of the extra padding!

The tights are from Rue 21. Only $3! I'm wearing them over solid gray tights.  Rue 21 has been in my local mall for years but I never went in. It is so packed in there you can't see anything. Online it was much easier to look around. I know I am LEAST 15 years too old to shop in this store, but I think I can get away wearing these.