Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween From Mary Queen Of Scots

My boss was all for me dressing up at work today, so I came as Mary Queen Of Scots. This costume took me 4 months or so to make. I hand embroidered and beaded almost all of it. Most of the fabric is curtains from Goodwill, which was so cheap it was almost free.  The partlet & veil are curtain lining from JoAnn.
Mary's book of hours. Its tooled & painted leather, with images that I found on a museum website inside.  
Closeup of the embroidery. I wanted a vine pattern with thistles, but then added the fleur de lis becaseu she was the Queen of France as well... My girdle is made from connector pieces I found on ebay. I glued red crystals and pearls to match the outfit. Inside the locket is a painting of Mary & her first husband.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Nails

This week I did my nails black and orange for Halloween. On top is multi-sized orange glitter from Forever 21 and underneath is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blackout. I love glitter on top of polish, it lasts and lasts until I get sick of it!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Loot 2

Behold! More Halloween loot! Most of these items were birthday presents from my family. My boyfriend bought me the skeleton footed pajamas on the right. Surprisingly they don't look too terrible on!
Closeup of the eyeball fabric. I think I'm going to make a dress. The ornament & coin purse are from the Santa Barbara Museum Of Art. The glasses say "Name Your Poison".

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trip to California

Eating at Sal's in Fresno- Pile of birthday presents waiting for me!
Car show in Mariposa - German tourists swarming my dad's Cobra in Oakhurst
 Mikey sleeping in my clothes - Sweet Pea & Minnie posing
Powell's Candy in Paso Robles
California was awesome! It was sunny and perfect the entire time, whilst it was raining and windy back home. I bought tons of fun things - shoes, pants, fakelite bracelets, beads, a 40's suit, fabric and most importantly, See's chocolate! There was a kitty or two to sleep with me every night and even an 4.3 earthquake to remind me of old times.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Outfit Post - Spider Shirt

I made this shirt this week from WalMart fabric. I mixed 3 patterns to find the pieces I thought would work best. Overall I like it, but front placket still wants to separate at the bust line, even though its big enough. I guess I'll put some snaps on when I get home. The back has cotton twill ties to make it a big more flattering.
I'm off to California tomorrow to visit my dad for my birthday. My step mum is planning a whole day of thrift store shopping!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Outfit Post - WW2 Soldier

 I finally finished my M-1941 jacket! It went easier than first two I made for sure. I still have to make a sample welt pocket every time a pattern calls for one! I had the fabric lying around for ever, it was almost right, so I dyed with Dylon. The lining is cut from a sheet, and all the notions I bought at Dressew in Vancouver. I think it conceals my girliness, or at least I hope it does! I have to take the carbine back to my dad on Saturday :( Flying with a firearm is no fun, they make you feel like you're committing a crime. My exact helmet is selling on Ebay right now for $410, I paid $40 at the surplus store in Fresno! Please ignore my peeling deck - I sanded and painted it last summer, and already it's awful! 

Max helped me dye the fabric!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Loot!

My Halloween haul so far... 2 new doormats, tissue, vinyl decals, treat bags, ribbon, ink pads, socks & fabric. I'm sure there will be more to come!
 The tissue is from Target, they had another design with a bat as well. The front has a lenticular graphic on them!
Closeup of the fabric. I've already cut the white & black spiderweb into a 40's style shirt. I think I'm going to use the poison bottles in a paneled skirt.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Outfit Post - Lots Of Chiffon

I wore this outfit yesterday to work. I have on a multilayer chiffon skirt and a sheer chiffon top that I made. The top has a long tie on the side and beading over the stomach. The lace tights are from JC Penney.
When I got home from work, my kitty did not come running like he usually does. Probably because he did not recognize my rental car. Some woman who was fighting with her husband backed into my car at such a speed, my bumper cracked and it is pulling to the right. Anyway, I put on my cherry print rubber boots to go look for Max. Below my house is a meadow/peatbog where he likes to hang out. In one end of the meadow were several 8 year old girls busy screaming, swearing and hitting each other. When they saw me at the other end of the meadow, they started screaming at me "She's a witch!" with various swears thrown in. Nice. I would have gone over there to say something, but I did not want them to associate me with my cat, as I do not trust them at all.