Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Wedding In Los Angeles

My friends Caesareo & Erich were married August 30th. They have been together 18 years - since high school! They got hitched at the LA courthouse, much to my dismay. I had a whole 1920's themed wedding at the Biltmore Hotel planned out in my head for them!

Caesareo is super talented. It's a wonder he had time to get married, seeing he just completed making the dress Lady Gaga wore at the VMAs. He also made her origami dress too. 

This photo is of the 2 of us while we worked at a theme park I can't mention. We had so much fun there. One night I pushed him around the park in a lost & found baby stroller at 1am. Finally the wheels splayed out & we parked it beside a very famous car that was used in parades. Much to my horror that damn stroller stayed there for months!