Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sophistique Noir Theme Post - Outerwear!

I LOVE coats! Can you tell? I'm currently making a 60's cape and an Edwardian jacket. I've also got about15 more coats than I posted here. A 1940's varsity jacket, a Victorian cape, an uber modern Japanese coat, 2 brocade 60's dress coats etc... Here are a few!
On the left is my everyday coat. It is black wool and made by Shelli Segal. I found one similar on Macy's website and it is $325! Mine was free! It was given to me by my mum's friend who was moving. I added a hood and a Victorian mourning cameo. I'm wearing it with a silk Alexander McQueen scarf I received for Christmas. On the right is a coat my step-mum sent me last week. She was in Target, took one look at it and thought of me. It has a faux fur collar and sort of a swing fit. On a side note, my mum liked it so much she went and bought one too. Oh boy, twins...
 The fur coat on the left is my "Edward Gorey" coat. Thankfully mine is fake! On the right is my silly 1930's hiking ensemble. Everything is scratchy wool that makes me nuts.
The super long military coat is made by J. Crew. I found one like on their site - $398! Mine is from Ross in Los Angeles, marked down several times because no one there has any use for something like this. People always stop and talk to me about it when I wear it. On the right is a silly little wool & sequin cape by Prabal Gurung for Target/Neiman Marcus. I think I could only wear it in the spring/summer around here. 
Right now it is 9°F. That's -12°C! (I know this is not at all cold compared to say, Helsinki, but is plenty cold 'round these parts) 
On toward my two silliest coats. The red coat is from the 1940's, but I "modified" it to wear to the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. It's all sequins and goofiness. I made the hood from pockets taken out of my mum's red coat. My boots are Rockports from Ronsons, for some reason I HAD to buy them. They're pretty decent rainboots, they make me laugh and they were designed by women's hockey great Cassie Campbell. On the right is my WW2 Ike jacket. It's a dude's jacket, but it has patches (a roaring polar bear) on it from service in Alaska.