Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sophistique Noir November Theme - Sweaters!

Yeah sweaters! Living in the Pacific Northwest, one does accumulate sweaters. Here are three of my current favrourites.
First up is this sweater from ASOS. This just arrived 2 days before Halloween. It has the strangest short, boxy fit. The first larger one I ordered could have fit 2 of me in it. I still love it though, I have several skeleton shirts, but they are all printed and this is woven.
 I've had this 80's cat sweater for ages. It is unflattering on me, but I still wear it. To me is says "Let's to to Sears and get our portrait done".
Last is my skull sweater from Modcloth. I try to limit my wearing of it so those around me do not get sick of it. The skirt I'm wearing with it just arrived from Modcloth as well.  Nowhere is the description said it was a knit fabric - and it is super form fitting, even though I went one size up. I think I look like a sausage about to burst, but my boyfriend gave it thumbs up.