Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Loot!

My Halloween haul so far... 2 new doormats, tissue, vinyl decals, treat bags, ribbon, ink pads, socks & fabric. I'm sure there will be more to come!
 The tissue is from Target, they had another design with a bat as well. The front has a lenticular graphic on them!
Closeup of the fabric. I've already cut the white & black spiderweb into a 40's style shirt. I think I'm going to use the poison bottles in a paneled skirt.


  1. Love the fabric - especially the poison bottles! I've indulged in a bit of Hallowe'en fabric myself this week ... ;o)

  2. The poison bottles fabric is so lovely. I think a would make a bag from it if I could choose but a skirt souns great too.
    Oh, alas! I´d like to have more spare time to tun all around the city in my halloween research, but this year I have less time to do it :(

  3. Wow, I love those fabrics! I really want them, especially the poison bottle fabrics.