Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trip to California

Eating at Sal's in Fresno- Pile of birthday presents waiting for me!
Car show in Mariposa - German tourists swarming my dad's Cobra in Oakhurst
 Mikey sleeping in my clothes - Sweet Pea & Minnie posing
Powell's Candy in Paso Robles
California was awesome! It was sunny and perfect the entire time, whilst it was raining and windy back home. I bought tons of fun things - shoes, pants, fakelite bracelets, beads, a 40's suit, fabric and most importantly, See's chocolate! There was a kitty or two to sleep with me every night and even an 4.3 earthquake to remind me of old times.


  1. Awwww, they wrapped your presents in black paper! Sounds like a great time, all except for the earthquake ... :D Happy Belated Birthday, BTW!

  2. thanks so much! it would not be my birthday without something odd!