Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Outfit Post - Lots Of Chiffon

I wore this outfit yesterday to work. I have on a multilayer chiffon skirt and a sheer chiffon top that I made. The top has a long tie on the side and beading over the stomach. The lace tights are from JC Penney.
When I got home from work, my kitty did not come running like he usually does. Probably because he did not recognize my rental car. Some woman who was fighting with her husband backed into my car at such a speed, my bumper cracked and it is pulling to the right. Anyway, I put on my cherry print rubber boots to go look for Max. Below my house is a meadow/peatbog where he likes to hang out. In one end of the meadow were several 8 year old girls busy screaming, swearing and hitting each other. When they saw me at the other end of the meadow, they started screaming at me "She's a witch!" with various swears thrown in. Nice. I would have gone over there to say something, but I did not want them to associate me with my cat, as I do not trust them at all.

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