Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Fabric!

 I've bought almost a literal ton of new fabric. I feel a bit ashamed and guilty buying so much for myself, but I showed it all to my mum this evening and she approved.  Its soooo easy for me to buy fabric, much easier than buying clothes.
The fabric on the left is Michael Miller's Nevermore. There is enough for 2 dresses. It was on sale and fabric.com has free shipping! How can I say no? The Frida fabric on the right is from fabricfreak.com. I've been wanting some of this for over a year and it is finally MINE!
The Victorian fabric on the left  is from Joann's, I think it will be a blouse. The flapper fabric is from Fabricana and has already been turned into a skirt. The fabric on the right is Tula Pink Nightshade - Apothecary Evening& Spider Blossom. I am so excited about this fabric. It looks girly and pleasant from afar, then up close its super creepy! I bought enough to make a full skirted dress & a blouse.
This is Michael Miller Rocket Launch Club. It will be boxers for my boyfriend's birthday.
 An another note, this guy wouldn't let me out of my car in the driveway the other day. Jerk.


  1. I think I'm gonna have to see if I can get some of that Spider Blossom fabric - reminds me of a William Morris print but with SPIDERWEBS and SKULLS! :D

  2. I can't hardly wait to see your handmade clothes made from these gorgeous fabrics!