Thursday, January 3, 2013

More New Shoes!

 I've never had this many new shoes at once! I have only online sales & free shipping to thank!
 The first two are Betsey Johnson, I've always wanted a pair since I was in middle school. The pair on the left are suede with metallic cut out hearts on the toe & heel. The pair on the left are sort of a canvas with metallic polka dots & a bow. Unfortunately, they are summer shoes and will have to wait some time before I can wear them. It is below freezing outside right now!

The next two are from Payless. The flats on the left are Isobel Toledo. I had been looking at them online for months- and then they kindly went on sale and could be part of their BOGO sale. The shoes on the right I bought for when I need to do a lot of walking in the summer. They have cut out heels, memory gel and are not all that bad for "comfort" shoes. 


  1. Wow the ones with red details and spiderweb looks so awesome!