Friday, January 4, 2013

Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme - New Years!

Happy 2013 everyone! It was beyond cold this New Year's which made me want to just sit in front of the fireplace. Eli & I went out for Mexican food, because we had to do something. Because it was so brutally cold & icy, I wore a Pendleton wool skirt that's as thick as a blanket, fleece lined tights and 2 cashmere 1950's sweaters. I also had on a feather headdress, but the clock in the picture below seems to have eaten it.
New Years have always been hit or miss with me, staying in or doing something memorable. 
Here are 2 memorable ones:
In the photo on the left, I am about 17 and at a rave on the set of Star Trek. A: I do not like raves, B: I do not like Star Trek. It managed to be fun nonetheless. On the photo on the right I am sitting on top of the Pyramid Of the Sun at Teotihuacan outside Mexico City. Later on that night we went to a country club and had like a 10 course meal. You could only reach the restaurant by boat & there were fireworks & games. So much fun!


  1. I love the boots on your first outfit!
    In the last picture you had an amazing hair colour :)

  2. I love your outfit, the boots are to die for! I have always wanted to climb one of those pyramids, too!

  3. Oh my, a skull bauble :D
    I'm going to make myself a blanket-thick woolen skirt or dress, too. That's a good idea when it's freezing outside :)

  4. I think your memorable New Years eves sounds so great! I always seem to end up doing nothing special or festive at all that night, so boring I am :P

  5. I love your boots. The skull bauble is cool as well :)

  6. Hooray for feathers on the head for NYE! I try to achieve that every year. :) Lol about your Star Trek Rave. It's funny how sometimes the dumbest-sounding event can really be a great time. Stay warm! I love how classy you dressed while efficiently keeping the cold at bay.