Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grandma's House

I've been at my Grandma's quite a bit lately, unfortunately there is no internet there. I amused myself by cooking, baking and taking photos! 

Like my aunt, my mother and I, my grandma collects head vases. These are on the fireplace mantle. What Canadian home is complete without a giant elk head? The snowshoes add to the ambiance, but sadly the whip and shotguns that hung there forever are gone.
My grandma used to to sew quite a bit, and I've previously take quite a few of her patterns. But looking through her stash, I found a few more oldies. The little fellow on the right is a thermometer from Buirntisland, Scotland, which is where my grandfather was born. This was is his bedroom and I've always wanted it, so she gave it to me!
Tons of creepy dolls abound in my grandma's house.Quite a few are not politically correct, but they're vintage and innocently collected. On the right is a "bad" oil painting of my grandma holding me as an infant. This hangs in pride of place in the living room, much to my aunt's dislike!


  1. What an interesting place! I love to visit older peoples houses. they have often lots of old family collections and memorable treasures at home. the head vase collection is lovely

  2. I don't have a giant elk head - I must get on that!! We do have snowshoes - I think they're in the basement somewhere ...

    The oil painting of you and your grandma is precious - it's not bad at all! And I've seen a couple of those dolls in some of my older relatives collections, too. :o)

    1. There is another oil painting - with an even number of roses, which bothers my uncle. He says its evil & expects to see it bleeding or something one night!