Friday, February 22, 2013

New Jewelry Box

I bought this little 3 drawer jewelry box at Goodwill for $3 last month. Unfortunately  it was a horrid orange/red. The weather decided not to cooperate as well, it has never stopped raining, so I could not spray paint. So I hand painted it to match my 1950's dresser, which took FOREVER! I lined the drawers in felt and now my crappy jewelry has a home! BTW - The above picture is a total lie, that Eames chair usually has like 8 dresses lumped on it and the dresser has orphan socks, buttons and various deodorants on it!
Various Necklaces  - Bakelite & Fakelite
Brooches & Pins (+goth hello kitty box!) - Original Colour!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that was a horrible colour! Looks so much nicer in black, but handpainting is definitely a lot slower than spray painting! Still, totally worth the effort!:D