Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Funeral Hearse

I went to the funeral of a firefighter at The Victory Memorial Park in White Rock. I did not know this person, but went with my mum to keep her company. I felt a bit creepy going, like Harold & Maude, because I really wanted to see a funeral with pomp & ceremony. My mum said he had a perverse sense of humor and wouldn't be offended at all... so I went & ogled. There were cops & firefighters lining the driveway, which was something I have never seen before. BUT, what was really interesting was the Victorian hearse in the back hall. It was made in Ontario in the 1870's and beautifully restored. My mum and I tried to be discreet taking photos, but someone always kept coming around the corner! If only I had worn my 1880's mourning gown!

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