Monday, August 27, 2012

Conneaut, Ohio Graveyard

On my trip to Ohio, I had originally wanted to go to Champ Chase Confederate Cemetery in Columbus , but ran out of time. Instead I stumbled upon a Cemetery in Conneaut, located conveniently enough next to the Dairy Queen (they had mint dilly bars!) . It seemed pretty well tended, but they had some anomalies I've never seen before:

Broken stones piled together & one upside down! The upside down one worried me a bit. I'm sure Mary would not approve!

Some lovely, thoughtful graves.


Revolutionary soldier and a super nice font.

There were several that looked like they hadn't always been flat, and now were being eaten by grass. The one on the right was so lovely, it could have been made by Tiffany.

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  1. We have had quite a bit of problems with vandalism in our cemeteries, which is quite tragic. No one deserves to have their graves defiled, however most of the cemeteries in and around Conneaut are very well taken care of.