Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DDay Ohio!

I just got back from my trip to Conneaut Ohio. Words cannot describe the fun & food I had there. For a history lover like myself, living entirely in the 1940's for 3 days was heaven. Also, being around people whose dedication and attention to detail rivals my own was amazing. Some highlights: riding in a motorcycle side car, getting hit on by a Nazi (although that was more of a nightmare), eating in a mess tent, meeting wonderful people, toting around my M1 carbine out in the open, swing dancing with a 87 year old WW2 vet & seeing a great lake for the first time. It was strange/scary seeing people dressed as Nazis, but you get used to it when you talk to them. Without them, there could be no battle. The men of the 29th division, 115th regiment, C company were the absolute best, though. Next year I'll be dressed as a boy and storm the beaches with them!
Looking over the battle site.
Reading in my tent.
Visiting the Canadians.
Eli & I in camp.
 The French Resistance! They were so nice!
 A German general. I was scared to talk to him, but he was super sweet.
 Ready for grim business before the battle.
 A German guard, he would not let me go!
 In front of the Allied Headquarters.
 A German and I with stick grenades.
 Dancing at the USO. It was like 90 degrees and 100% humidity there.
Various weapons.
Revolutionary war soldier's graves. A first for me.


  1. I'm so jealous! I saw this on the news here in the UK and it's really persuaded me to get up and go to a re-enactment over here, if they're anything like this it'll be a day to remember! Although not too keen on being hit on by a Nazi though...

    Ali xx

  2. You should totally go & post pics when you do! Now I'm jealous you're going! :)