Wednesday, July 3, 2013

True Crime Cake & California

I visited my dad in California for 2 weeks and the moment I came back I started making this cake. My aunt loves true crime novels and I needed to top her previous birthday cakes. I designed the "cover" and had it printed on an edible sheet. Only $8! This was my first time working with rolled fondant, and although it was messy and scary it went pretty easy. My aunt loved the cake and is freezing the top part.

 These are two of her past birthday cakes. The scrabble tiles were was made with gum paste. The cake on the right is 10 layers of ice cream flavours. I was so scared it was going to fall over!
 I was at my dad's for 2 weeks and only managed to take pictures of his cats. Not even one of him on Father's day. Minnie on the left is a devil with a porcelain doll's face. She was glued to my side and sat at my feet every night. Midget in the middle is not all there and scared of every visitor ever, save me. Mikey on the right is wearing a toupee of Midget's hair!
On another note, my friends Willie and Alex, who have been separated by years worth of government bureaucracy were finally both together in Canada for the first time! They've been married for 4 years and have done everything by the book, but Alex could not cross the border. I'm so happy for them!


  1. That cake is really good-looking! Also, I laughed aloud when I saw the toupee cat. :D And I tagged you to 5 things challenge, it would be nice if you join the fun. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Mme. Polaire - how will you ever be able to top this year's cake!

    And how lovely your friends were finally able to get together - at last! Damned bureaucracy. :P

  3. Those cakes are amazing! The cats are so beautiful!

    I am so sorry about all the government crap that made it hard for your friends to be together, I am glad they can be with each other at last!