Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lunch & Presents With Insomniac's Attic

On June 9th I won Insomniac's Attic $100 giveaway at her online store! I was travelling to my dad's in California at the time, and did not realize this until a few days later. I felt horrible because it looked like I couldn't even bother to respond, but I had no idea I'd won! Anyway... Insomniac herself was planning a visit to Vancouver in July, so we met up for lunch at Granville Island, and she brought my winnings!. The ONE photo I took of us ended up being corrupted on my camera :( 
It was such a lovely day at Granville Island, my mum, Insomniac, her daughter and I had lunch in the main part of the public market. Even though I hadn't been there in like 6 years, I was so happy they still had pierogies. We went tooling around shopping and Insomniac bought me an espresso ice cream at Rogers Chocolates! It was so awesome meeting someone whom I had so much in common with and she was SO nice! I wish Calgary wasn't so far away!

This is what I chose from her shop:
Silver Austrian Spider - It is so delicate and lovely, I'm going to convert it into a brooch. 
Bela Lugosi Mug - I used this immediately, as you can see it is filled with brownies and ice cream.
Edward Gorey Mysterious Messages Cards - My best friend just got engaged, so I sent him one congratulating him. These are so lovely I think I'm going to frame a few.
Gothic Metal Wall Plaque - I hung this up right away, but I need to find a way to secure it more soundly, I don't want anyone to steal it!



    I had a wonderful time too, Mme. Polaire and I'm so glad you like your schtuff! It was lovely to meet you and your mom. I have a story to tell you about Salmagundi, and I'm hoping there will be another trip to Vancouver in October. Perhaps you'd like to attend a Salmagundi 40th Birthday Party with me? :o)

    1. October would be the perfect time to visit. You could come down to the States and shop for spooky stuff! A 40th party at Salmagundi sounds like fun, I can only wonder at the entertainment they'd have....!

  2. What nice things you chose :D and I'm a little jealous because you got to meet her, haha!

  3. What gorgeous winnings! I am glad they went to you!

    I am jealous that you got to meet her, I want to go visit her new Gothic mansion, someone send me a plane fare when it is done! Ha ha!