Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monthly Homework Assignment: Spring!

 Well, you would never know it's Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. It hailed, rained and stormed all day. My poor kitty went in and out so many times he was practically a blur in the doorway!
When I was a kid, my mum and I attended a huge family Easter party. Regardless of my age, I was always in charge of hiding the candy all over the backyard. I think this was because I was the least likely to indulge! To me Spring and Easter mean chocolate - and lots of it! In my family I am in charge of filling Easter baskets for everyone.

My stash so far:


  1. Wow, that's quite the responsibility, hiding all the candy AND not indulging! I'm pretty sure if I'd been left in charge of something like that, there'd be nothing to find in the back yard! ;o)

    Ooooh, there's those Easter M&M's ... :P

  2. Chocolate is the best part of Easter, I'm with you in that! :D That short yet very vivid memory of you childhood makes me miss my own family, even though we never had traditions like that. ^^

  3. Yum. I miss doing all that fun Easter stuff.

  4. Chocolate is my favorite part of spring too.