Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I managed to finish my eyeball dress at literally the eleventh hour Christmas eve. It's Butterick B5603, which seemed easy enough, especially looking at Roisin's dress. BUT when I tried it on, the underbust seam was on top of my bust! The pattern seems to have no allowance for any bust projection whatsoever. I even cut a larger size than normal, and added an inch to both the skirt and bodice - to allow for my height. In the end I had to cut the straps off and re-sew new and different ones.
Max playing with his gift from my father.  - Giving my aunt a "facelift" after Christmas dinner.

Seeing the King Tut exhibit in Seattle. They wouldn't allow pictures inside :(

My grandmother was in hospital Christmas day. I brought in lights, presents, crackers and dessert, but it was still depressing. One night in the bed across from her was a a druggie who had OD'd and talked to himself and Jesus all night. The next day a woman replaced him and then died. Fortunately my grandmother is doing better and I bet will be out by Wednesday or so.

My mum and I went to see the bright nights train ride in Stanley Park on boxing day. It is so corny, yet so wonderful.


  1. It sounds like mostly a great xmas. My best wishes for your grandmother's speedy recovery. The eyeball dress is amazing!

  2. Thanks so much Laura! and, thanks for all your comments, I've learned so many new things through you!

    1. Really! How delightful! Thanks for telling me that, it made me feel great!