Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Baking

A happy almost Christmas to you! This is how I spent the weekend, baking, baking... and more baking.  Saturday I baked 15 different kinds of cookies for 10 hours straight. The bags on the right are but three of the 22 bags that my mum and I are are giving or sending. I preprinted the little labels at OfficeMax which helped immensely.Some are Edward Gorey, some are a Scottish Santa with bagpipes.
Sunday I packaged everything and made the babka. I used this recipe, but have changed it quite a bit over the years. The round babka is the result of lending my mum my third loaf pan and her giving it away. Nice. I didn't swear too much when I found that out. If you've never had babka, you need to! It's like a slice of a cinnamon roll with chocolate mixed in. I used to buy it at Canters when I lived in LA. A friend brought back some from Zabars in New York for me, but it was so gross I couldn't even swallow it. My boyfriend thought it tasted like a "hospital".
Cookies baked:
1. chocolate chip shortbread
2. plain shortbread
3. mint chocolate chip
4. chocolate florentines
5. orange chocolate
6. nutella & hazelnut rugelach
7. peanut butter rugelach
8. ginger with lemon icing
9. oatmeal hazelnut chocolate chip
10. peanut butter
11. snickerdoodles
12. chocolate walnut biscotti
13. lemon almond biscotti
14. peppermint cream cheese brownie
15. chocolate hazelnut sliced cookies


  1. Mmmmmm, I envy the people who are getting one of your cookie bags! So are the Edward Gorey labels for your friends and the Scottish Santa for your mom's? ;o)

  2. We could trade cookies if you want... I still have quite a few left over. They go perfect with dark hot chocolate with Dewar's whisky in it! (which I might be drinking as I type, hee hee) My mum loves Edward Gorey almost as much as me.

    1. That's a very generous offer but that would mean I'd have to do some more baking, because everything I've made is pretty much gone already. Pffft. Good tip about the Dewar's though - another new alcoholic tradition to embrace this holiday season - yay!

      I think your mom sounds swell! LOL!

  3. Mmm, yum! Can I come stay with you and eat all the cookies? :P

    I want to try the babbka, I have never had it!