Monday, July 23, 2012

A Visit To the Mariposa Cemetery

 If you are in Northern California, perhaps on a visit to Yosemite, I urge you to visit the Mariposa Cemetery. Its right off of the main drag, behind the Catholic church. They have a little pamphlet for 50¢ that gives you a wonderful tour of the tombstones.

Left - Augustus L. Castor Occupation Tin Shop owner on Main St., Mariposa 1860s.
Right - Bridget McGreer - Bridget married Robert McGreer on March 27th, 1864 when she was only 16. Seven and a half months after the wedding she died of typhoid fever on November 13th, 1864 along with her unborn baby. Note the tiny tombstone in front of hers.
Left - Etta Grosjean - Miss DeMoss married Davis Grosjean on March 10, 1900. On October 20th, 1900 she died in child birth at the untimely age of 17. Reminds me of the poem:
16 years a maiden,
One short year a wife,
6 hours a mother
And now I've lost my life.
Right - Bernard Hillen, a native of Ireland. Has my favourite dedication - Requiescat in pace.

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