Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Boots!

I bought some new leather boots on black Friday. My mum and I got up around 5am to go shopping this black Friday. Neither of us was after much, just random things that were really on sale. I shopped most for xmas gifts for my Grandmother to give away. At 11am we were mostly dead, but couldn't pass up a consignment store on the way home. I saw these the moment I walked in, and they are my actual true shoe size 7 1/2WW! They were $15.00, but I had a credit at the store, so they were free! I've been wearing them every day since then.


  1. Awesome boots and what a great deal! I went shopping too but around noon. No way was I getting up so early after cooking dinner the night before.

  2. Those are so beautiful! What an amazing price! I am utterly jealous! They have the perfect heel, too!

  3. They are lovely!! I looked for something similar when I was looking for new winter boots. I visited several stores and found nothing :/
    They are propably not in fashion right now but I think boots like this are classical and shoould always be available.

    1. I totally agree! Have you looked at fluevogs or kickers? Most shoes in the stores are pretty icky, I don't want to be a cowboy or an indian nor wear 6 inch heels with platforms!

  4. Lovely! They look so comfortable too!

  5. Those are gorgeous, I love them! *drool*