Friday, September 21, 2012

Affordable But Interesting Shoes

                 $39.99                            $69.95                          $15.98                                 $26.99

                $33.99                                $54.99                             $24.99                               $54.99  

                 $39.99                       $55.00                              $41.99                                  $20.99 

If I'm going to spend real money on shoes (like $150+) they'd better be Fluevogs, LA Canadienne, Rockport etc... I am quite partial to the red & black flats as well as the Korean military boots. Thank goodness my birthday is coming up soon!


  1. Love this budget-friendly array of cold weather perfect shoes. Those gorgeous midnight blue heels in the bottom row especially have me going weak in the knees.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I like the grey boots and the black ones. Maybe I will have to look into getting a pair.

  3. Damn, can't find them, maybe they sold out.

  4. A little surprised Irregular Choice isn't on this list! I feel like their darker stuff would be perfectly suited to your style. Some of it looks like a raver vomited on them, but a lot are pretty darling.